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"The clients love it. As well as it has been received I’m glad that no other clinics can use your rewards program within 10 miles of our hospital. I’m sure other clinics will be hearing about it soon."
- Owner, DVM

"One of our clients said they couldn't afford to do dental, but they are going to use their Rewards to cover some of the cost so now they can afford to have it done. Our clients think the program is great"  
- Loyalty Program Leader 

"Our practice is doing well and a loyalty program with membership is a great next step to keep the competition at bay"
- Owner, DVM

"The loyalty program has been very well received by our clients. We had over 400 members join in the first month. We are looking forward to marketing on our social networks to attract new clients to the practice."
- Practice Manager

“We are falling in love with the product and the help you are giving us promoting it.”
-    Practice Owner

“I like the MBFLoyalty app, the staff have been good working with. The Marketing help is fabulous. Clients can see the rewards and redeem from the app”

MBF Loyalty worked better for us, since we had been using a similar rewards for 1.5 years. Our clients didn't notice a transition at all, just that they can look up their reward balances and redeem now.”

-Practice Owner

“ Without our rewards we would not have scheduled our yearly wellness exam!” 

-Pet Owner