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The Value of An Email Address



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Did you ever consider the value of having an accurate email address for your client?  Today we will share why your email list is one of your practices most valuable assets and how easy it can be to capture emails from your clients.

First, you might be surprised to know that the average veterinary hospital has accurate emails for only 50% to 60% of their clients.  That means communicating via email is not an option for 40% to 50% of clients and will require you to use more expensive channels of communication. As you know this cost contributes to your profitability.

Next and more importantly is the power of a multi-channel strategy.  When you combine an email with a postcard (email first then postcard) you will see about a 30% lift in the number of appointments scheduled. Let's do the math. We will assume you have 1,000 reminders and send only a postcard. In this scenario, 500 clients schedule an appointment. Now let's add an email to the communication.  With this multi-channel strategy, you will get a 30% lift or 650 appointments scheduled.  If the average value of a wellness appointment is $160.00, having the multi-channel strategy is worth  $24,000 in incremental revenue. 

Your MBF Loyalty program is a great way to increase the number of accurate emails in your database.   Every rewards member has to provide their email address to register for the program.  The value of the data you collect from your rewards program is one of your practices most valuable assets and can impact your hospital's revenue immediately!

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