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How to Ask Clients to Sign up for Your Rewards Program

Is there a wrong or right way to ask clients to join your rewards program?  You betcha! 

Let's first take a look at an approach that can use some improvement.   Does anyone on your veterinary hospital's team ask clients "Do you want to sign up for our reward program?"   If so you probably could sign up more members by refining your message.   The approach just mentioned comes across  cumbersome and doesn't demonstrate the value your client will receive. 

So how can you improve your team's pitch?  Here are two suggestions: 

1. "Will you be redeeming rewards today?"  - This question will peek your client's interest and creates an opportunity where they are open to hearing more.  Of course, they also don't want to be left out if other clients are earning rewards!

2.  "Are you a member of "ABC Rewards (replace with your programs name)"?  Branding your program with a name, your client will begin to hear it more often and tune into it when they see it on your marketing.  By creating this buzz clients will begin to fell that being a "member has it's rewards" for them personally! 


Image Credit:  Lucky Business | Getty Images

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